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        Same Day Smile- Patient Jasmine Phal- Dr Mahooti

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My One-Day San Diego Smile by Jasmine Pahl

Eddie Corrales is a consummate professional. I was extremely impressed with him as my smile designer from start to finish. His work reflects a perfect synthesis of artistry, perfectionism and a passion for making clients happy.
Before we began, he took the time to sit down and talk with me about what I currently like about my own smile and what I hoped to achieve with the one-day smile procedure. He is an excellent communicator and was able to articulate what I had expressed back to me so that I knew he understood what I meant.
I tend to be a little anxious about physical transformation and had a lot of questions and concerns throughout the procedure and I never once felt like he was the slightest bit impatient. It was totally clear that his top priority was my having a smile that made me feel confident and happy. His kindness and genuine interest in my satisfaction really helped keep me calm during the long day of dental work. Although he is extremely serious about his work, Eddie also has an excellent sense of humor. My entire day spent in a dentist’s chair was actually sort of…fun.
As far as the end result is concerned I am absolutely ecstatic! It looks better than I ever hoped was possible and the best part is that I still look like myself. At my request, Eddie was able to maintain aspects of my smile that others might consider ‘imperfections’ but that I think contribute to a beautiful, natural look. Friends and family don’t tell me I look different; they just tell me I look great!