About Eddie

Eddie Corrales

Eddie Corrales has been a dental Ceramist for over 24 years and a lab owner for 16.

Dentists know him as a charismatic and motivated professional who is fun to work with. Often referred to as the “artist behind the smile,” Eddie practices the art of “smile design” at his state-of-the art lab, Downtown Dental Designs. His customized creations of precise ceramic veneers have impacted the lives and lifestyles of many patients. With a primary objective to create a completely natural look for each client, Eddie uses subtle nuances of shade, shape, and symmetry precisely tailored to each smile he designs.

He was an early adopter of Cad Cam dentistry in 2004, becoming a beta tester for Cerec in lab software and Cerec connect, as well as working with the best materials available like Emax. He has studied different occlusion theories under many leaders in dentistry today including Frank Spears, Clayton Chan and John Kois. He has also studied with world known ceramists including Matt Roberts and Jurgen Seger. Eddie is a graduate of LVI, PAC-Live, and the Sironas Speaker Academy.

A member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an industry advocate for some of the top dental companies in the U.S., and an international speaker, Eddie is at the forefront of a growing industry. Eddie's passionate approach allows him to maintain a synergistic working relationship with top cosmetic dentists around the states as "smile designer" and master digital ceramist to their patients.

In 2009 Eddie founded cadsmiles, a service where he goes to dental offices and creates a beautiful smile for patients literally in front of your eyes. He is currently working with some of the best in the field of dentistry to bring smile design, technology and customer service together for superior performance.

We welcome you and your dental team to discover a predictable and profitable use for this modern dental technology that satisfies the professional and the staff, but most importantly provides great service to the patient.

We look forward to working with you!!!